What did I do?

During my hackNY fellowship over the summer of 2013, I interned at Foursquare. While there, I worked on various parts of the main Foursquare app. (This was before the singular Foursquare app became the dynamic duo, Foursquare and Swarm.) I worked on testing the effects on battery and improving the performance of using the GPS in the background to alert you to cool, new things while you're out and about in new neighborhoods and ares.

At the start of my internship, iOS 7 was announced and this meant a complete overhaul of the visual components. For the majority of my internship, I worked with a few other iOS engineers to revamp the way we displayed UI elements on screen to match the new iOS 7 "flat" style.

App Store Description

Foursquare is your ultimate city guide, in your pocket. Find the best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit — in any city in the world. Access over 60 million short reviews from local experts. Traveling or looking to discover new places nearby? Get the free iPhone and iPad app today.

  • Tell Foursquare your favorite things and the app gets to know you.
  • Search for the best restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops, and more.
  • Read short reviews and never miss out on the best thing to order or experience.
  • Save places you want to go, so you never forget.

“The new Foursquare, like Netflix, takes a lot of the work out of finding the right thing for the right moment.” — The Verge

How It Works:

Tell Foursquare what you like — be specific, like “craft beer” or “fried chicken,” or more general, like “outdoor seating” or “romantic places.” Every search is tailored to your tastes, your past ratings, and picks from friends and experts you trust.

Want to check in, keep up, and meet up with friends? Download our companion app, Swarm.

A note on battery – We've spent years developing the location technology that powers Foursquare, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.