What is it?

Wylie Conlon and I begin work on Lifelink and the hackNY Summer 2013 hackathon in New York City. We were intriged by the new MultipeerConnectivity framework that Apple had recently introduced at WWDC only weeks prior. As avid Magic: The Gathering players, we thought it would be an awesome way for two players to tally their scores (life counts) when each has their own iOS device.

App Store Description

Lifelink is the only life counter app for Magic: The Gathering that lets you connect with nearby players to sync scores; changes for all players instantly appear on your device and theirs.


  • Take advantage of local and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth to connect nearby players.
  • Free to keep track of two-player games. Unlimited players or planeswalkers available with in-app purchase.
  • Opponent doesn’t have Lifelink? Add a local player to track his/her score.
  • Designed and optimized for iOS 7.

A proud Pandamonia product.
In collaboration with Wylie Conlon.