What is it?

Potluck was my main focus at Branch. It was the first large-scale iOS app I built on my own. It was a link-sharing social network focused on helping you and your friends to discuss the random cool stuff you find online.

Why links? We looked online and found social networks for many things, each with their "atomic unit" of sharing, but none of them focused on links. Twitter is for short text messages, Instagram is for photos and videos, etc. You could say that Reddit is for links, but that isn't so much a social network as a reimagined forum. We wanted a place where we could post not only post cat videos and "LOL" comments, but also serious news and political topics for lengthy (but friendly!) debate.

So where is Potluck now? It has since been removed from the App Store following Branch's acquisition by Facebook (read more about that here).

App Store Description

Open up Potluck everyday to find bite-sized news and facts made for your iPhone and a place to talk about them with friends!

Potluck makes it easy to chat about what’s going on in your world — from the funny and quirky to the interesting and in-depth.

What will you chat about? Sign up for Potluck to find out.

(Questions? Ideas? Just want to say hi? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email to hi@potluck.it or a tweet to @potluck.)

Talk to you soon,

The Potluck team