What is it?

Rooms is a social networking app from Facebook that lets you create forums (called "rooms") for anything that you're interested in. We, the former Branch team, began Rooms after we finished our initial "bootcamp" after joining Facebook. I was one of the few iOS engineers on the project and worked on most aspects of the app, from local UI to local backend data management to server-side Parse CloudCode.

App Store Description

Create a room for whatever you're into. Pick a topic, customize the look and feel, choose a different nickname for each room you're in and share your room with others. Rooms is perfect for the things you love and interests that makes you unique.

  • Pick a topic: Create a home for people who are as into the topic as you are.
  • Customize the look and feel: Pick a color, choose an emoji for your like button, and more!
  • Choose a nickname for yourself: Use a unique nickname in each room you're in, real or made up.
  • Share with others: Invite other people so you can share photos, videos, and notes with them.

Download now and customize away!